The right tool for the job is Superior Helicopter Services. We have all tried to get the job done with the wrong tool and lived to regret it. We either regretted it because of an injury that could have been avoided like busting your knuckles or worse. At times using the wrong tool has cost us money; perhaps you just accidentally rounded off a mount. In today’s high stakes construction, deadlines and crew safety are never as simple. We want everyone to come home safe, and we want those in charge to keep their jobs because they safely delivered on deadline. Superior Helicopter Services is that tool you need to reach for, and know the job will be done precisely and in a timely fashion. Whether you are in the mountains trying to complete a Liquified Gas Pipeline project, replacing an AC unit on a tall building or trying to spray and save your crops in a marshy field, Superior Helicopter Services is the tool you need to reach for in your toolbox. Reach out today, and we will be happy to provide details.

Some of our services include:

  • Dry Spreading
  • Aerial Surveying
  • Aerial Hydroseeding
  • Power/Pipeline Patrol
  • Photography/Videography